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New Year, New Team, New Goals

Well I have been a bad horse.  Yes sirrrreee – I have failed to provide my fans with a consistent blog and I am truly sorry.  But its one of my horsey New Year Resolutions.

So what’s new you may ask???  Well let’s see…..First of all, we had our 2010 Texas Rangers Fan Fest a few weeks ago and it was COOLLLDDD.  I was very glad that I hadn’t had my spring mane-cut yet.  I felt bad for all the fans that supported us cause they had to be cold.  But it was a great event.  Lots of players autographing stuff for fans, awesome bounce houses for the kids, great interviews with our staff!  Even with the cold weather I’d say it was a success!

Last weekend I spent 3 days out driving around with my buddy delivering special Valentine’s Day packages to people….IN THE SNOW.  Yep, we had a crazy snowstorm that week….I know snowstorm in Texas???  Somehow we ended up having 12.5 inches of snow in 24 hours.  It was prettttty cool!  Of course that also meant that my schedule was all confounded due to schools closing and people being unable to get out of their driveways.  But it worked out fine and everyone was excited with the coolest horse in Texas showed up with flowers and candy (or a t-shirt and hat for the gentleman). 

Right now I am helping my friends in the office promote our amazingly incredible awesome great stupendous Jr Rangers Club.  Get this – all my fans that are under age of 13 can become Jr Rangers.  Being a Jr Rangers gets you all types of cool Rangers gear like a specialty drawstring bag, an awesome Texas Rangers wall banner, free tickets to games, and special Jr Rangers only events.  Make sure to check it out at the Jr Rangers Club.

Aight until next time!  Remember, our team’s at Spring Training so we should be too…..training to cheer!!!


Sweep and Get Ready

Put another sweep in the books for the Rangers.  I got to go down to Houston this past weekend and visit my good friend, Junction Jack (the official mascot of the Houston Astros). I drove down Friday night and got to Houston just in time to catch the last few innings of the game.  What a finish!!! I was sitting right in the section where Nelson Cruz’s winning home run landed and it was sooooo great to see my team win it in the 10th!

Believe it or not, I actually got to take a good friend of mine, Alan, down to Houston with me.  Alan works with our media department and so we took a bunch of cameras and video cameras down to do some filming of my shenanigans.  It was soooo much fun!  Alan followed me around the stadium on Saturday and Sunday during the games as I messed around wtih Houston fans, high fived my fellow Rangers fans, and scared unsuspecting victims!!  We also got some great footage of my exploits out and about on the streets of Houston.

Apparantly Alan also taped a special “A Day in the Life of Rangers Captain” segment.  I’m not sure what that is all about but it should be available for viewing pretty soon.  I certainly hope its not too embarrassing!

It really was a great weekend.  We had fun video taping everything AND our boys took care of them Astros three days in a row!!  Especially Brandon McCarthy’s beautiful game on Sunday!

Of course this coming weekend should be even better!  First off there is the double header against the A’s on Friday with our famous Big Bang Friday Fireworks. Then the fun gets better on Saturday when I’ve got not 1, not 2, not 3 but 5 MLB mascot buddies visiting the ballpark.  We start off at 1:30 for all of our special Jr Rangers with a special “Meet a Ranger” event here at the ballpark.  Chris Davis will be speaking to our Jr Rangers Club members from 1:30 to 2ish and then me and my fellow mascots will be signing autographs for all the Jr Rangers. I’ll have TC from the Twins, Fredbird from Cardinals, Mariner Moose from the
Mariners, Screech from the Nationals, and Junction Jack from the Astros all visiting that day so its gonna be fun.  We will all be at the game Saturday night running around stadium doing what us mascot do: causing tons of fun and making people laugh!

On Sunday, the fun continues with our Photo Day.  The first 5000 fans with a camera will get to walk along the warning track and take pictures of their favorite players.  Then after the game we have Kids Run the Bases!  Of course our Jr Rangers get first dibs on running the bases so make sure to sign you kids ages 13 and under up at one of the many kiosks here at the ballpark or online!

Well I’ve got get everything ready for my fellow mascots so I’m off to do my thing!  Hope to see everyone here at the Ballpark in Arlington this weekend!

Check out these fun videos from my trip to houston:

Captain Getting Ready
Pre-game Activities

For more information on the special Jr Rangers event please call 817-273-5222!