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Wow a Double Sweep

So does anyone know what is better than a brand new bale of hay and a nice long nap in the shade????  A DOUBLE SWEEP!!!!

That’s right, my boys here in Texas swept the Angels right after sweeping the Mariners at home.  Not only did we sweep two major rivals in the AL West back to back, but we also extended our win streak to 7 games.  That’s the first time good ole’ Manager Washington’s had a 7 game win streak since he started steering the team!  Boy oh boy what a great week!

I had a busy week myself. We had a very important media day to jump start our special Fitness program that we take to schools.  MCA (the Medical Center of Arlington hospital) is a vital sponsor for this program and we had our media press conference at their hospital on Thursday along with about 30 kids.  It was a lot of fun – we get to talk to kids about proper nutrition, daily exercise, and how to stay heathly.  I get to participate in games with the kids like charades and teach them how to do the Wave!!

I also had an event to attend in Aledo, Texas but it ended up raining all morning on Saturday so they cancelled my event.  Although it was disappointing to miss visit the ballpark in Aledo – I certainly enjoyed sleeping in that morning especially since we had a game in the afternoon.

I’m really looking forward to our next homestand.  We are playing those baddies from NY – the Yankees.  I hope we can take 2 out of 3 from them!!  Following those three games, I’m having some fellow mascot buddies join me here for our game on May 30th.  ILet’s see…the Mariner Moose, Fredbird from St. Louis, Screech from the Nationals, TC from the Twins, and of course my buddy Junction Jack from Houston – they will all be here to party it up with me during the game on Saturday!  I had a great time last year with my mascot friends and this year should be even better!!

Be sure to come see me at all my upcoming RaceTrac appearances.  I’ll be in Azle, TX on Thursday May 21st and then I’ll be in Garland, TX on Thursday May 28th!

Until next time – from your favorite bloggin horse!!!


My Thoughts on our 2009 Opening Week

Well Opening Week has come and gone and I can honestly say it was CRAZZZZZZY.  Opening Day was especially insane and I was tired all day because I had to be up at 4:30 AM to be on the morning news stations.  It was a lot of fun but tiring.  I really enjoyed messing with the news anchors – they are so good at ignoring distractions and moving along.  I couldn’t get them to mess up one time….phooey. I was on the news like 60 times….oh okay more like 10 but still it was awesome.

Our Opening Day Ceremonies were amazing.  We had the same band that played the National Anthem from Iraq last year here at the ballpark this year!  They were very good!  We had an awesome flyover, a Medal of Honor recipient, and a Navy Seal.  We also had Former President George Bush throw out the first pitch….and I got to shake his hand!!!! Whooooohoooo that was really cool!

Of course the best part of Opening Day was our dismantling of last year’s Cy Young recipient.  What a great way to start the season!  We went on to sweep the Indians for our first 3 – 0 start since 1996.  Of course, our week ended on a down note with our struggle against Detroit but you know what?  That simply makes us even hungrier to win games this week!

This week we are playing the Orioles and the Royals.  Two teams that have started the season well so it will be a week full of good games.  I’ll be out every night cheering on my boys in red and blue so be sure to come and see me!  Don’t forget that Wednesday night’s game is an Autograph Wednesday and $1 hot dog night.  I can’t wait – I loooooove me some ballpark hotdogs yum yum!

On Saturday, April 18th, we will be having a 5k Breathe Walk for the American Lung Association.  I’ll be visiting all the participants before the walk here at the ballpark so come on out and support healthy lungs!

My First Entry

     Well its my first blog entry and I’m all excited about getting this started.  I hope that all the fans of the Texas Rangers (and a few of my own) enjoy my blog. 
     Things are crazy around my home…errrr the ballpark.  We’ve got less than 14 days before Opening Day.  I am so hyped up!!!  I love this time of the year.  We are testing our new video boards, perfecting our new features, and I get to practice on all the new games in our kids’ Sports Park!  I’ve got a feeling that its going to be a great season that is full of surprises and celebrations!  We’ve got a great lineup including 3 All-Stars and a couple guys coming off their rookie year ON FIRE! 
    I’ve been busy myself getting in shape for the season.  I’ve been practicing with my t-shirt slings, pitching in the Rangers Wiffle Ballpark, and working with our Six Shooters on our dances for the season!  I’ve also been working on some cool videos that I would like shoot.
    Along with all the pre-season work, I’ve also been out in the community a whole bunch.  Just this past Sunday, I was at the Dallas Kids Expo and it was awesome!  There were a bunch of cool booths, a TON of kids, and some great music.  I had so much fun dancing, taking pictures, and giving our my cool baseball cards that I lost track of time and stay extra-long!  I’ve also been attending a bunch of TAKS pep rallies at different elementary schools in the area.  I love attending these events because I know how important these tests are to the students and to the teachers! 
   This week is a busy one for me. On Friday, I’ll be traveling to Van Alstyne, Texas for a school carnival and then on Saturday I’ll be attending the Arlington Little League Opening Parade in downtown Arlington early in the morning!  After the parade we’ve got a huge crazy projects day here at the Ballpark to get everything ready for Opening Day! After the projects day, I’ll be heading to Shands Elementary School Carnival for that evenign. Its going to be a looooong day but I love being in the Ballpark with all my friends!
   I love to hear from all my friends and fans so be sure to email me with any questions or comments.  Thanks for logging into my blog and check back each week for new updates!