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Wow a Double Sweep

So does anyone know what is better than a brand new bale of hay and a nice long nap in the shade????  A DOUBLE SWEEP!!!!

That’s right, my boys here in Texas swept the Angels right after sweeping the Mariners at home.  Not only did we sweep two major rivals in the AL West back to back, but we also extended our win streak to 7 games.  That’s the first time good ole’ Manager Washington’s had a 7 game win streak since he started steering the team!  Boy oh boy what a great week!

I had a busy week myself. We had a very important media day to jump start our special Fitness program that we take to schools.  MCA (the Medical Center of Arlington hospital) is a vital sponsor for this program and we had our media press conference at their hospital on Thursday along with about 30 kids.  It was a lot of fun – we get to talk to kids about proper nutrition, daily exercise, and how to stay heathly.  I get to participate in games with the kids like charades and teach them how to do the Wave!!

I also had an event to attend in Aledo, Texas but it ended up raining all morning on Saturday so they cancelled my event.  Although it was disappointing to miss visit the ballpark in Aledo – I certainly enjoyed sleeping in that morning especially since we had a game in the afternoon.

I’m really looking forward to our next homestand.  We are playing those baddies from NY – the Yankees.  I hope we can take 2 out of 3 from them!!  Following those three games, I’m having some fellow mascot buddies join me here for our game on May 30th.  ILet’s see…the Mariner Moose, Fredbird from St. Louis, Screech from the Nationals, TC from the Twins, and of course my buddy Junction Jack from Houston – they will all be here to party it up with me during the game on Saturday!  I had a great time last year with my mascot friends and this year should be even better!!

Be sure to come see me at all my upcoming RaceTrac appearances.  I’ll be in Azle, TX on Thursday May 21st and then I’ll be in Garland, TX on Thursday May 28th!

Until next time – from your favorite bloggin horse!!!