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May Showers!

Well we are into our second month of 2010 baseball and I’m expecting to see
some May Showers.  No not rain – at least I certainly hope not rain. 
I’m talking bout some homerun showers!  Our boys have settled into their
groove and I’m hoping for some deep bombs at the Ballpark!  I’ve really
had fun watching our new Rangers team members.  Vladdy is hilarious and
man can that guy hit!  It was nice to see some of our young boys sent up
back in April – Arias did a great job for us at second base!

As for me, I’ve been busy myself with appearances and games.  I’ve had a
bunch of proposals during games already and I’m hoping for more throughout the
summer!  I really enjoy helping couples get engaged.   I think
it’s such a special event and it is an honor for me to be involved!  I’ve
also had a great time at schools lately.  I’ve gone to a bunch of
carnivals and TAKS pep rallies and I think the kids all really enjoyed my
visits!  This month I’m continuing my school tour – I’ve got a couple more
TAKS rallies, a birthday party or two and a special mascot party with some
baseball buddies of mine!  Mascot parties are always a blast.  I
mean, I love working Ranger games here at the Ballpark in Arlington but when
you get 3 or more mascots together the possibilities of magic are
unlimited!!!  Okay I just made that up but it sounded good! 

Oh I almost forgot – don’t forget to keep a look out for me and my fellow Texas
Rangers peeps.  We will be out in the community working with Chevy to sign
kids up for our special Sunday promotion – “Kids Take the Field.”  We’ll
be out all over the metroplex at events signing up kids ages 5 – 13 for a
chance to take the field and meet a player at a Sunday game.  It’s a
really cool opportunity so make sure to say hi if you see us!   

Okay, it’s about time for an appearance.  I gotta get focused and get my
game face on!  Plus I need to style my mane!  Until next time – GO

Rangers Captain #72

My Thoughts on our 2009 Opening Week

Well Opening Week has come and gone and I can honestly say it was CRAZZZZZZY.  Opening Day was especially insane and I was tired all day because I had to be up at 4:30 AM to be on the morning news stations.  It was a lot of fun but tiring.  I really enjoyed messing with the news anchors – they are so good at ignoring distractions and moving along.  I couldn’t get them to mess up one time….phooey. I was on the news like 60 times….oh okay more like 10 but still it was awesome.

Our Opening Day Ceremonies were amazing.  We had the same band that played the National Anthem from Iraq last year here at the ballpark this year!  They were very good!  We had an awesome flyover, a Medal of Honor recipient, and a Navy Seal.  We also had Former President George Bush throw out the first pitch….and I got to shake his hand!!!! Whooooohoooo that was really cool!

Of course the best part of Opening Day was our dismantling of last year’s Cy Young recipient.  What a great way to start the season!  We went on to sweep the Indians for our first 3 – 0 start since 1996.  Of course, our week ended on a down note with our struggle against Detroit but you know what?  That simply makes us even hungrier to win games this week!

This week we are playing the Orioles and the Royals.  Two teams that have started the season well so it will be a week full of good games.  I’ll be out every night cheering on my boys in red and blue so be sure to come and see me!  Don’t forget that Wednesday night’s game is an Autograph Wednesday and $1 hot dog night.  I can’t wait – I loooooove me some ballpark hotdogs yum yum!

On Saturday, April 18th, we will be having a 5k Breathe Walk for the American Lung Association.  I’ll be visiting all the participants before the walk here at the ballpark so come on out and support healthy lungs!